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SWD33-160 ~ 500KVA

Product Descriptionstated:

medium and high power three-in three-out power frequency double conversion online intelligent full digitalUPSis a positive integration of digitalization, informatization and networking.stringwaveonline-type high intelligent uninterruptible power supply products. With a powerful information acquisition system, signal processing system and perfect protection system, a wide rangeis usedeachkind of power environment, with good personalized design, friendly man-machine dialogue function, with advanced all-digital technology, protection and calculationmachine, communicationmeter, motor facilities, medical and other electrical equipment, comprehensive solution to power outages, voltage fluctuations./mutation, frequency change

Product Special:


in-line double conversion design is completely isolated from the mains or power supply.Motor various types of power gridpollutionDyeing has zero effect on loadphase shift output isolation transformer, reductionZeroground voltage and load harmonic current on inverter, with threephase100% unbalanced load capacity, strong impact load capacity

high power factor

LosePower output factor up0.9, high load compatibility, input power factorup0.95(with input filter wave device) High utilization rate of electric energy

DSPfull digital control

doubleDSPdigital control, the system is more stable and reliable

environmental adaptabilitystrong

input voltage range,Avoid frequent switching to electricitypool.Loseinto the wide frequency range,can be stableFixed access to various fuel generators to adaptharsh power gridenvironment

over-cutting ability

SuperStrong output overload and short circuit capability(5 seconds), ensure that the systemsystem stabilityand limit stateslower system safetyfull

Advanced Battery Tube

miningMatch battery with advanced battery management technology characteristics,with temperature compensationworkcan, Extended Battery service life battery discharge time prediction, battery regular selfInspection.is unique with battery switch status acquisition, detection and control capabilities

N+Xwell connection

available6direct parallel machine,support different models of the same series parallel machines, according to the industryservicesdevelopment for online upgrade and expansion to maximize investment protection

LBSsynchronization function

toolsequipmentLBSsynchronization function. To achieve two sets of independentUPSsystem synchronization,mentionHigh system reliability

compatible generator operation

Powerwalkinslow opening function to reduce system startup impulse current,droplow parallel machine to engine capacitydemand

intelligent fan speed control

Passsoftware sampling and calculation,according to the internal temperature andLoad size fromdynamic adjustmentWindmachine speed,effective reduction noise,Extend fan lifelife, save energy

DC start function

availableto use the battery directly to start, convenient for usersUse

Power Devices

inversechange is adopted based onIGBTSPWMtechnology.the whole power device,bagrectification and static switching and inverter modules, combined with the structural design of the pre-maintenance, it is beneficial to the safety. installation and field maintenance

Call Self-Start

has a memory to provide automatic opening machine function, when the battery discharge is terminated,,will automatically openKai

large screenLCDDisplay

ARMcontrolsystemin a strong/EnglishLCD( 30KVAabove7-inch large screen)dishListand data display, real-time recordingUPSworking condition state, parameterletterinformation, etc., to facilitate user management

protection measures

boot self-diagnosis function. Short circuit, inverter over temperature , battery undervoltage,electricitypool overcharge, surge protection

power supply mode

except normalGauge, a joint power supply mode is provided. type,ECOdiemode, automatic power-on mode and frequency conversion mode

flexible network monitoring and management

standardR232/R485 communication interface, optionalSNMP/JBUS/MODBUSdryconnection point card, flexible networking, rightUPSoperation

rich optional accessories

harmonicwave filter/Bypass Current-balancing Inductor/Clightning protection box. andmachine cable/Loadstep(LBS) Cables/SNMP/-JBUS/MODBUS/dry connection point card.Battery Ground Fault Module/battery temperature sensor,UPSRoom Letter