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SWD11-06 ~ 20KVA

Double conversion topology is adopted, the input is equipped with a harmonic suppressor, the inverter is
SPWM pulse width modulation technology, IGBT power module, and the output is equipped with
isolation transformer to provide the load with stable frequency and voltage regulation, no interference
pure and low distortion sine wave The power supply has the characteristics of strong load capacity and
good compatibility, and meets the requirements of high reliability, high stability and high quality-
uninterruptible power supplies in various industries.

Product Special:


inlinear double transform, completely isolated from the mains or generator all kinds of grid pollution on the load.ringLoseisolation transformer , with strong impact load capacity

overload capacity

Super output overload and short circuit capability,ensure that the system stability and limit stateDepartmentsystem safety

input anti-surge design

wholeflow input anti-surge board design, power grid adaptability

environmental adaptabilitystrong

electricitypressure input range to avoid frequent switching to battery power supply mode, input frequency rangewide, stable connection into a variety of fuel generators, adapt to the harsh grid environment

Smart Fan Tunespeed

through software sampling and calculation,according to the internal temperature and negative load size automatic adjustment fanturnspeed,Effectively reduce noise; extend the service life of the fan and save energy

DC start function

availableto start directly on the battery, user-friendly

protection measures

onmachineself-diagnosis function, equipped with perfect protection device, provide output overload, short circuit, inverterovertemperature,battery is under voltage, battery overcharge, surge and other protection, hardware and software dual protection;moreFunction protection and warning to protect system stability

flexible network monitoring and management

standardR232communication interface, optional dry connection point,R485,SNMPnetwork adapter,Spirit

Living Group network,rightUPSoperation

rich optional accessories

dry contact/R485/SNMP/input isolation transformer/bypass isolation transformer