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1. Background of demand for electricity security in the energy industry
The rapid development of China's national economy has to some extent benefited from the energy industry. China is currently the world's first energy producing and consuming country, with sustained growth in energy supply, providing important support for economic and social development. The rapid growth of energy consumption has created broad development space for the World energy resources market. The energy industry in China has strong requirements for electricity security, and seeking solutions and measures is the key to promoting the sustainable development of the energy industry in China.
Energy is divided into two categories: traditional energy and new energy.
Traditional energy industries include: coal (Coal mining and washing industry, coal product manufacturing), oil and gas (crude oil and natural gas mining, refined oil product manufacturing, etc.), electricity (coal-fired power generation, fuel gas power generation, hydropower, transmission and distribution grid, etc.).
New energy generally refers to the available energy that can achieve greenhouse gas emission reduction, and its extension covers efficient energy utilization, comprehensive resource utilization, renewable energy, alternative energy, nuclear energy, energy conservation, etc. In the narrow sense, new energy refers to the assembly of wind energy, solar energy, biological energy, Geothermal energy, Marine energy, small hydropower and nuclear energy in addition to conventional energy and large-scale hydropower.
2. Analysis of electricity security needs in the energy industry
The object classification of power security in the energy industry can be divided into energy office and energy equipment: energy center scheduling, communication systems, various control systems, computer management systems, and various energy equipment.
1. Demand Analysis of Energy Office Electricity Security
The objects of energy office power guarantee include: office computers, energy center BA systems, distributed network control systems, energy management systems, monitoring systems, security protection systems, alarm systems, etc.
Energy office electricity is an important guarantee for the normal use and operation of daily work, and the energy industry has extremely high requirements for the reliability of power supply. Once a power outage occurs, it will cause irreparable huge losses. To ensure sufficient backup time, the generator and mains power are used as the main power input. To ensure that important loads do not experience power outages or other issues due to battery or internal module system failures, the use of UPS uninterrupted power supply system is the best power supply solution to eliminate these faults.
2. Analysis of demand for energy equipment and electricity security
The objects of power guarantee for energy equipment include: energy metering devices, safety equipment and testing instruments, generator sets, energy equipment, balancing cranes, dynamic balancing machines, assembly machines, heaters, experimental benches, oil pressure machines, embedded line benches, etc. Energy is crucial for establishing a three-dimensional power guarantee system, which can ensure that important loads such as computers can still work normally for a certain period of time, effectively resist risks such as data loss and production process loss caused by grid disturbances, and effectively reduce maintenance service costs.
The Importance of UPS Power Supply Application in the Energy Field
1. UPS power supply provides the last one second solution system for power security in the energy industry; Ensure zero power switching of equipment and systems, maintain normal and safe operation of data and public services.
2. Ensuring the security of massive energy data storage provides data support and decision-making basis for the development of the energy industry.
3. The application of UPS power supply in the energy field ensures low cost

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